January 25


If I Had to Start Over…

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In this audio newsletter, I reflect on my writing journey and share valuable insights on what I would do differently if I had to start over from scratch.

I discuss the importance of embracing technology, finding your writing rhythm, and prioritizing self-care.

Join me as I explore the challenges and opportunities of being a full-time novelist with multiple pen names, and how it has shaped my approach to writing and editing.

This video is packed with practical advice and personal anecdotes that will inspire and motivate writers at any stage of their career.

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You’ve already heard about why I’m starting over with this email list.

(if you missed the first couple emails…catch up on my unexpected “email hiatus,” why I almost quit, and my rant about romance being more than smut HERE & HERE.)

It’s got me thinking about the topic of “starting over” in general.

So today, I wanted to share…

What I would do if I was “starting over” with writing romance novels full time.

Right now, I’d consider myself a full time novelist writing under a few pen names (I love exploring different genres) and a book coach helping writers write addictive novels.

But if I could time travel back to when I decided I wanted to write romance novels full time…

…here’s what I would do.

#1 — Establish a regular writing habit

I thought I had to sit down for hours a day and write thousands of words daily. So I spent hours writing and rewriting words.

Now, I know that writing 500 - 1000 words every day can get the job done. Sitting for a solid forty-five minutes a day of writing is all I needed. This one habit was a gamechanger and all I need!

#2 — Embrace technology.

I remember frowning at dictation, AI, and ghostwriters because I thought I needed to do it the “right” way.

These days, I embrace whatever allows me to express myself and bring my stories to life.

#3 — Skip the socializing.

I spent hours agonizing over social events, conferences, writers groups, etc. I want to go back and give the younger Dana a pass to be her introverted self.

There’s no one size fits all. Nope! If I was starting over with my writing career I’d find ways to connect with my fans and my peers in ways that leads to less anxiety and more growth.

I’d give myself the freedom to be me.

Your honest feedback will help me ensure that we're creating something truly worthwhile, something that serves your needs and desires as a writer.

I can't wait to see where this journey takes us.


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