January 10


I choked and was THIS close to quitting…

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Hey there! It's Dana, your next favorite romance author and developmental editor.

Grab your favorite beverage and cozy up because we're about to dive into some real talk about writing, life, and everything in between.

Let's get chatty and have some fun!


Hey, my writing friends!

You might not remember me until you scroll down and see my face. 🤣

I’m Dana— and I help romance writers write addictive novels. The work is still work. But my goals are that my clients:

  1. Feel totally confident in their writing ability and not alone.
  2. Have an amazing time doing what they love.
  3. Get paid!

Period. And that’s on “Mary had a little lamb.”

HARD PAUSE… Y’all I’m writing the way I talk. So, you know I’m chuckling and having fun already.

Let’s continue.

I’m popping in because you joined my email list a while ago…

Probably after hearing me speak, participating in one of my workshops, or due to a friend inviting you.

But I’ve got to be honest about something…

Even though my goal was to send you these amazing, resourceful, and click-worthy emails weekly…

I failed.

I could give you a million reasons. But the simplest one is I choked.

Between that and a whole lot of other life stuff…

I froze and let my runaway throughs stop me from showing up the way I wanted. The way I needed. And I let this special newsletter fall off the radar. 🤦🏾‍♀️

To tell you the truth…last year, I nearly clicked “delete” on this whole email list.

‘Cause sometimes it’s easier to stick your head in the sand than start over, ya know?

But I’m emailing you now because I’m ready to start over.

I’ve got lots to share, like:

  • a new series of content I’ve been using with private clients to grow their fan base and thrive in their publishing efforts.
  • how to use AI, to write the kinds of books that you could have only imagined in the past—and no pearl clutchers allowed. 🤣
  • easy ways to put one foot in front of the other and pursue your writing dreams

And if you’ve got a question you’d love me to talk about, please reply and let me know! I’ll add it to my “future email topics” list. 🥰


I understand if you don’t want to stick around. No hard feelings.

Click the unsubscribe in the footer to permanently delete yourself from my email community and you’ll never hear from me again. 🥹

And to those of you who stay…

Thanks for starting over with me.

Here’s to new beginnings & writing amazing bestselling books!

Your honest feedback will help me ensure that we're creating something truly worthwhile, something that serves your needs and desires as a writer.

I can't wait to see where this journey takes us.


Developmental Editor, Encouragement, Romance Writing, Story Development, Story Ideas, storytelling techniques

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