May 9


3 Reasons Why Your Novel (Might Be) Wack

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In this edition of our audio newsletter, Steamy Side Hustle, I'm excited to share with you the three reasons why your novel might not be hitting the mark. I also discuss the significance of aligning your cover, blurb, and back catalog to ensure reader engagement. Plus, I introduce a 5-day email course on creating unforgettable villains that will take your novel to the next level.

So, as always, grab your favorite beverage (and maybe a notebook), and let's get chatty about writing, life, and everything in between.

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Let's get chatty and have some fun!


Mentioned Services

#1 — Creating Addictive Villains

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#2 — Feuding Hearts Series

This is the Inner Circle's series. Load your Kindle with some spicy romance. Learn more here.

#3 — Romance Freebies

After Hours with a Billionaire and Embers of Fate.

#4 — Danja Tales Writers

This is our writing community. Learn more here.

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