December 12


How do you take Characterization to the next level? || Danja Digital Ep 8

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Today, I answer a viewer question about characterization. I also share why I'm on the struggle bus, AND I'm proposing a new video series. Let's get it!

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How do you take characterization to the next level?  In other words, if I have created an okay-character, what can I focus on to make people really, deeply care about my character?

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Book Recommendations

I read almost every book release concerning plotting, outlining, character development, etc because I'm fascinated by them and I love to learn. With that said, here are a few you might want to add to your library to help you write a better scene.

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  • Dana, that was so interesting! I especially appreciated the connection between character and plot. And I love when you said, you’ve got to do the work.

    As for your question of sharing your outlining process, that would be cool! For example, I’m reading a podcasting book called Make Noise, and the author shares Ira Glass’ process, right down to his hand-scribbled notes. It was so informative to watch the evolution from initial plotting to final order of the tape.

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