January 11


Write a Novel with AI

Want to learn how to write a novel with AI? I’ll show you my step-by-step process to get from the beginning to "The End."

Then join us for Write a Novel with AI.

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I've created an offer where I'll basically join you in your living room for a month (or a week) and show you how to use an LLM model like ChatGPT to write a novel. This is after helping my clients and writing friends wrap their brains around AI and how it can help writers in soooooo many ways.

This is another workshop in our ongoing series. This is a pre-recorded workshop (or join the challenge) I’ll:

  • show you write a romance novel with all the feels
  • share my strategy to creating rich story beats,
  • guide you through learning how to plot your novel…  even if you suck at plotting OR you’re a pantser, 
  • and finally, you’ll see if all the hype is true. You’ll know if YOU can write a novel with AI in a month, and you’ll have the book to prove it.

You'll finish the session with tons of momentum and be ready to plot more, write more, or walk away with the personal satisfaction of typing “The End” on a story.

And the best part, it’s only $197.

People have been so excited about this:

I loved this AI writing challenge. I was able to complete a book and publish it, and the book got good feedback from readers!

Before the challenge, I felt I was flying blind with AI. I would ask AI to write me a paragraph here and dialogue there to describe something. 

Since the challenge, I've started thinking about the whole process differently, and learned how to create a virtual world and let a story unfold inside it.

Now I feel more comfortable tackling book ideas I previously thought were too intimidating. 

- November Challenge Finisher

Dana's Write a Novel with AI Challenge was an eye-opening experience as an author to gain insights into a pro author's writing habit. AND to see how AI can be added to your own writing habit at ANY level and with ANY AI model you choose to use.

Sign up for the waitlist, if you have not already. And then decide which of her three levels of the Challenge program fit your goals.

I give this a 10 out of 5 star rating.

- November Challenge Finisher

Join Write a Novel with AI to start writing your novel today! There’s also a challenge available for a limited time.

And if you have any questions, send me an email! Happy to answer any questions.


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