June 21


What if the world is waiting on YOUR story?

I’m sitting at my desk thinking about you. Particularly about the unique challenges and opportunities you face as a writer. And how I can best serve you as a plotter and an editor. Because ultimately I hope to help bridge the gap between your writing dreams and your writing reality.

Considering this dilemma seems like a luxury to most writers with all the world is experiencing. But what if it’s not a luxury or wishful dreaming?

What if the world is waiting on your story?

It doesn’t have to solve world peace or save us from the pandemic. Although that’s all right.

For many readers, our readers want the perfect getaway that doesn’t require a mask and it won’t empty their bank account. That leaves them dreaming about genuine love and happily ever afters or the hero emerging and saving the world from the clever villain.

Readers want a wonderful book.

A book lets them slip away from their cares and reemerge a little better than before.

That’s what we do.

But what if writing that book proves to be more challenging than you expected?

Well, that’s where I step in, waving my hand from side to side to get your attention. That’s where your pursuit goes from solitary to a team of two.

That is what Danja Tales is all about. I’m here to help with your plotting, your writing, and your editing all to achieve the goal of writing your next favorite book.

Welcome. I look forward to exploring more on this blog with you.

What are some challenges you experience that I can address on this blog?


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  • I’ve been interested in dabbling with fiction writing but as yet haven’t had the nerve as I wouldn’t know where to start. Some tips on how to get started would be great!

    • Do it! 🙂 Sure, I can include some tips on getting started. Thanks for visiting!

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