October 31


What if you commit to writing your novel? || Danja Digital Ep 4

Welcome back to Danja Digital! Today, I hope to motivate you. But first I want to ask... What if you commit to writing your novel?


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New Release: Dance with Darkness


In the dark the shadows play,
in the night they have their way
The darkness calls to her in her dreams,
and nothing is really what it seems!

Reeling from the death of her parents, Maya St. James stumbles on to a secret that rocks her to her core. Lost, confused, and struggling with her identity, Maya’s sister Jeniva, convinces her to take a trip to get their minds off of their pain.

But when Maya arrives in the scenic city of New Orleans, she finds another world unknown to her. Beneath the bright city lights lies an enticing allure, a danger that calls her. There’s something sinister and Maya doesn’t know who to trust.

Then in walks Kaden, sexy, handsome and seductive, seeming to have all the answers to her questions. It all starts with a dance, but this is one dance that just may cost Maya her life.

Dance with Darkness is a thrilling tale set inside a world of magick, mystery and survival. Delve deep into the chilling universe of Voodoo, Hoodoo, rituals and spells, if you dare!

Featured Content: What if you commit to writing your novel?

I share my thoughts after listening to an interview on the Story Grid podcast with Michael McClellan, the author of The Sand Sea. Starting with this quote:

Most of us overestimate what we can do in a month, six months or a year. But most of us underestimate what we can do in five years or ten years if we’re literally working at something every single day. - Michael McClellan

Listen to the interview:

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