You love to write.

And a book is haunting you...

...waiting around the corner every new year, every birthday, and every time someone asks “How’s that book coming along?”

The idea that gave you such joy is now relegated to the “I just want it to be over category.”

You’ve gone from dreaming of writing success to I just want to write the d@mn thing.

What I told you I understand exactly what you are going through? And that together, we can not only create a plan to finish your novel, but you’d have the tools to DREAM BiG(GER).

To dream of writing more than one book...

To dream of writing full time...

To dream of writing as your creative, fantastical side hustle...

To dream like you once did before the fantasy of writing was crushed by blinking cursors, too many false start and stops, and somewhere down the road of life your novel was gobbled up by REALITY.

I think it’s time to open that file, dust off that manuscript, dig your first draft out of that junk drawer, and join us. 

So, I know you're thinking but why Dana, why should I sign up for the DREAM BiG Writers Workshop?

Because it’s the time to finish your novel and I want to help you do it.

What's DREAM BiG(GER) Writers Workshop?

A live workshop where I teach writers to finish a novel using the DREAM BiG Framework, my fail-proof six module method, which centers on your personalized F.U.S.E. Custom Plot. It’s all you need to finish your novel with confidence--conceptualize, structure, and write. 

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Always an avid romance reader, she took a slight detour completing college and law school in five years—with three young babies. And after being recruited by a Top 10 law firm Dana decided to follow her passion and make her favorite hobby her profession, writing and publishing romance novels.

With more than forty novels published—including contemporary romance, paranormal romance, romantic suspense, and political thrillers—under three pen names, Dana is an Amazon and USA Today Bestselling Author.

She’s an editor with over ten years of experience plotting and editing hundreds of novels by Amazon Top 100, USA Today, and New York Times bestselling authors.

Now, Dana wants to help authors write more in less time. She’s designed a one-of-a-kind writing experience--DREAM BiG Writers Workshop: Conceptualize, Structure, and Write Your Novel with Confidence in 100 Days or Less.

Writers learn the DREAM BiG Framework, her fail-proof six module method, which centers on a personalized F.U.S.E. Plot Template. It’s all a writer needs to finish a novel. So they can be more productive while writing, earn more from an increased catalog, and ultimately complete the book they’ve dreamed of with confidence.

At night, you can still find Dana hovering over her laptop writing her next romance steamy romance novel.


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