It's Your Time!

3 Signs to Know It's Time to Write Your Novel (and Finish it THIS Year!)

Thursday, March 4th

at 1pm CST

Dana Headshots - Jan 2021

Hosted by Dana Pittman, USA Today and International Amazon Bestselling Author, Certified Story Grid Editor, and professional novel plotter.

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You'll Discover

Why you must stop listening to 99% of the writing books and online courses and do this one thing instead.

How to stop wasting your words and write your novel with confidence from beginning to end.

How you can finished your novel in as little as 30 minutes a day.


Dana made my writing stronger, improved my plotting, and helped me get even deeper in my character development. If you want to take your writing to the next level, you should definitely work with her.

Moni Boyce
Author of Contemporary Romance and Paranormal Romance

During our conversation we changed characters, added motivation, created conflict, and turned up the heat. I now have a solid understanding of what needs to happen in my story and confidence that I can get there, thanks to Dana and her ability to midwife our 'book babies.'

Jule Kucera
Memoirist, Podcaster, and First-Time Novelist

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